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The Spoons and Forks

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yesterday I had a moment in the kitchen. I was putting away dry dishes and spoons and all of a sudden I remembered my forks and spoons! Let me explain.

During the move to Mexico I had put away separately the things I wanted to keep in the States either because of sentimental value or documents that were important. It wasn’t much. I knew I couldn’t ask people to keep everything I wanted so I really took time to select. Included in this was a 16 set silverware I bought years back. I felt so proud when I bought this. It was one of the first things I bought filling my kitchen with everything I needed. It was never about expensive things, just ‘my things’.  The set was stored in a wooden case. It was all pretty.

I had left things among other things in the house.  The man who was going to take the house didn’t and to make it short his wife took all of our things to her garage. Eventually she had to move also and decided all on her own to GIVE the silverware set to the new pastor at the church. Oddly enough, she kept other boxes with documents and things.

We returned in July to deal with house issues and fraud. We were invited to the new pastor’s house for dinner. I sat down and was about to be served when in shock I was so surprised to see MY SILVERWARE!! I had no clue till that moment. What am I suppose to do? Ask for them back and look like a sentimental fool or immature? Of course not. I let it be. BUT, it still hurts. I don’t want to make a big deal out of this. I sure don’t. I just can’t help but feel upset. I can’t even talk to the lady about it and express my discontent, she is a babe in the Lord, goes to a psychologist and needs to work out bigger problems.

I don’t like unresolved issues. Specially those that seem so little and unimportant.

Heal me Lord. Reveal.

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  1. Wednesday, December 9, 2009 7:09 PM

    I get chills reading your stuff sometimes, from the similarities. Freaky. I had a similar incident with my silverware. We received the set in pieces and parts as wedding gifts, and decided to use those forks and spoons and knives everyday to enjoy something beautiful at the dinner table. None of this “save the silver for a special occasion” junk. They weren’t anything spectacular, but tons of sentimental value. I didn’t pack them when we moved here, for lack of space, but soon realized I REALLY missed the forks I’d used at every meal since getting married MANY MOONS ago. So I asked a family member to ship them. Box gets here, I’m shaking with anticipation, open the box, and it’s a set she’d bought us from the Dollar Tree. I burst into tears while my hubby ushered the girls outside to miss Mommy’s breakdown. Seems silly and I kept telling myself I should be ashamed, considering what my neighbors were eating with, but it’s hard to explain the little things like that, and how they affect you out here. I get you. I’m sorry you don’t have yours anymore. 😦

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