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Thoughts from a missionary’s heart

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yesterday we ate bean soup, Salvadorean style. It was so delicious I ate 2 bowls! I’m so blessed in Mexico. I know other missionaries are not as fortunate as I am. Living here reminds me so much of my own country and culure. Although there are differences in food, language, traditions, and culture, I do find myself with many similarities. Even though I call the U.S home, being closer to my Latin culture is being closer to home. Make sense?

Struggling with certain emotions get easier day by day. Emotions like: guilt, self-pity, and of course the ‘what if’ syndrome.  This only means that feeling blessed and thankful means a lot more too! Even the smallest thing, like bean soup, mean so much here. Enjoying small pleasures has always been a source of joy for me, so it’s not much different here.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the upright man running into it is safe. Pro 18:10 BBE

Trusting God and being safe in Him is so much more important now. I have no other safety net. No home church. No secular job. No related-family. One might give me the usual answers to these. “God is with you”, “God is your provider”, and “We have God’s family”.  All true and a fact.

Living this way and just saying these answers are 2 completely different views. I believe God can be  my all and I desire so much for that, I also believe God gave us church, family, and jobs for a reason.  I will choose to embrace this season and make every moment the best for the 2 most important relationships in my life, God and hubby. Friend of mine asked in her blog today, what do you hope for 2010, and that is my best answer. I want, desire, hope, long, and I’m so hungry to strength, restore, heal, and enjoy my love for God and my commitment with hubby.

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