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Our 10 yr. Love Story

Friday, December 18, 2009

Whoa! What a ride it’s been! We celebrate 10 years of a journey together as husband and wife and I thought I would celebrate by sharing a little of our story with you.

Let’s start with the basics. W. is from Honduras and I am from El Salvador, neighboring countries in Central America. We met in church in New York. He was the church van driver/ small group’s leader/ intercessor and evangelist in training. Yeah, he thought he was Mr. Holy Man and I would always make sure he knew he thought too much of himself!  He, on the other hand, always made sure I was Ms. Strawberry (known in the Hispanic culture as a preppy girl). Go figure? LOL

One day what seem to be 2 young people who really disliked, ok hated, each other were out on a Sunday afternoon after Sunday school doing evangelism. While waiting for him to start picking up people again for evening service, we started to chat. He said, “Would you like to see each other?” I looked….., and looked again. It was August 1999 on a park bench in the dusk hours (after a youth event) that he asked to be my boyfriend.

We quickly spoke of marriage. Poor W. fasted and prayed before going to my mom’s asking for my hand. It was a difficult decision without anyone’s approval or support (sad to say but no family or even church family wanted us to marry). Maybe we didn’t know everything we were doing but we did know we put God first before anything else. We prayed and fasted together. We spent much of our ‘dating time’ going to district revivals, youth events, and vigilias (night lock-ins). I remember this one time; Wilson had spent all of service in one of the activity rooms making an ark to be used in a drama. We had the overseer, Bro. G, as a special speaker that night and during alter time he asked everyone to hold hands each with their families. I didn’t think twice and ran out to get Wilson. We entered the sanctuary holding hands and as we walked together to the alter Wilson started speaking in tongues. With other times similar to this one, we felt God’s approval and direction.

In December 1999, after only a couple of weeks of turning 18, I was getting married.  Our ceremony was at Town Hall. We had a friend who worked there; she arranged everything and was present along with our pastor and his wife. A week later there was a regional church Christmas banquet. We arranged with the overseer’s wife to have a small ceremony and a blessing there. My uncle walked me around tables to the stage (banquet was at a nice hotel in NJ). Although it was nice, truth is we didn’t have money for a wedding or even small gathering. Brother B. did the ceremony and prayed for us. We also did the traditional Jewish wedding dance. No wedding dress. No cake. A brother offered to take pictures and did, he moved and lost them. Forgiveness is still in the process 😉 (j/k) I have very few pictures of the ceremony, actually they are from a disposable camera, and there you get the picture.

We lived in Long Beach NY for a couple of months. Wilson went to SC to look for a job because there was no work during the winter. It was February and I called him saying, “I didn’t get married to be alone, you come back, and if we must die of hunger, at least we will do it together”. Yep I remember. He rushed back J. Besides, I still had to finish high school. I had dropped out the previous year so I could start my senior year fresh, and I did.

I went to school in the morning and had a part time job in the afternoon, and then church in the evenings. One year later, it was the same scenario. No job. He went to SC again. This time he was dying to stay. He bought a truck, and got a place to stay. He would visit every 2 weeks. Worked Fridays, drove all Friday night, spent Saturday with me, and drove back Sunday, to sleep Sunday night and work again Monday.

On one of those trips visiting me in NY, he made his demand, “You move with me or you move with me.” Within a week we arranged everything and moved to SC. It was April, still a couple of months left to finish HS. I prayed God for a miracle. My counselor from NY called one day. I was registered already in a SC high school. She told me I could finish HS even with my Regents diploma (higher grade standards for NY) by mail since I was an exceptional student and because she arbitrated for me (really God was working it through).

Finally arrived in SC and Wilson lost his job; we had a 1 bedroom apartment and a truck to pay. Very frustrating times to say the least. We didn’t give up though; we helped with establishing the Hispanic work in Columbia. It was there that we were asked about full time ministry. We fasted and prayed for a month, September 2001.

In December 2001 we had our first opening service in Sumter. In February 2006, we had our first opening service in Summerville. May 2009, we move to Mexico.

It’s still amazing to me how God has united us and used us for his glory. We both come from broken homes and broken lives. Wilson had a few failed relationships to where he thought marriage was never going to be for him. Running away from pain, I was making wrong choices leading me into more pain and harsh consequences. We never had a good example to lead us to a healthy relationship or even more a marriage.

It has been so difficult sometimes that calling it quits is so tempting, and at some point we probably would have. I did not marry the man of my dreams because frankly I never even dreamt of having such a beautiful relationship, the God-given thought of marriage.

With all the love, all the direction and work from the Holy Spirit, and of course all the good intentions, marriage still takes more love, constant forgiveness, self-sacrifice, and abundant kindness.  Some days we each fall short, other days we think we’re in heaven. Every day it’s God’s mercy and goodness. His love makes our love stronger.

I hope our friends know a little more about us now and I pray our story shows a testimony of God’s wonderful power. God bless you.

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  1. Kass permalink
    Friday, March 26, 2010 2:52 PM

    That was so amazing to read! Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. I’m from Long Island originally. The Hempstead area. 🙂

  2. Friday, March 26, 2010 3:02 PM

    Amazing and so cool!!

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