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One man’s story of the power of faith

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last night I had the honor of sit at a table with an older man of God. A nearby pastor and his family visited our church. One of the families invited us all over for dinner. The pastor came with his father, a pioneer of the Christian faith in the region. One simple question began the story of how this man came to the Lord.

He saw a temple and asked “What is that black book?”. He bought it and never looked back.


Even more amazing is the faith he had even when people were after him to punish him, reject him, and even kill him. All because he chose to live a life after Jesus. Stories after stories, I should say, testimony after testimony, we were astonished at how this man faced adversaries and necessities with no fear and even more amazed at how God was faith and manifested himself through, signs, wonders, and miracles.

This man prayed and a dead woman rose!

We went home still with a sense of faith and foundation you get when you talk to a matured Christian. And guess what? We read our daily bible reading and we start at…..Acts!

Thank you God for speaking to us through our founding fathers, our pioneer brothers, intercessors, and stand-firm faith believers!

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