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Prayer Time Thoughts

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I have failed once again. There is no shame to say it. Because every time I do, I say Lord I need you, I depend on you. I die without you. David’s cry are my constant reminder of my need, my desperation.
I need God so badly. I feel like dry land without his wonderful presence.

Last night after hearing my Daily Audio Bible and reading our daily chapter with hubby my heart was still waiting for something more. My call is clear and this morning through my daily worship live the Lord was clear. He needs me to intercede. That’s what I do. It’s a hard job to do when people around have no clue and sometimes reject when you are trying to help. It’s hard to explain but I can tell something is affecting me here.

It’s been tough on several aspects. It’s very cold, it’s gloomy, people don’t want to do anything, it’s dry (no vegetation), and the days all seem the same. Today didn’t ‘feel’ like Sunday and since we don’t have a home church, I miss SFWC terribly. So I turn my worship on and listen to a downloaded sermon. God reminds me who I am and what I’m here to do. I’m so desperate for Him. His power In Me is what these people need!

Father, forgive me for forgetting and not being diligent with my time and opportunities. I see them, I sense them but my fear, insecurities, and lack of distract me and keep me away.

I don’t know if it’s torturing me or challenging me but reading Acts is such a faith booster. I feel like we should be able to do such marvelous things in your kingdom also. Why only your apostles? Yes, I understand you have a purpose and a calling for all of us as individuals but I don’t want my kingdom work to be only visitations and conversations – shows us God, show your mighty Power! Please forgive me and set my heart straight if I say this out of my own selfish wants. It’s not about me or us, it’s about you. I get that. I just want to do everything your Word says we can do! If this is just the process then give me patience to stand in the fire. I’m in your hands father. Lead me. Direct my footsteps. Cleanse my heart and my thoughts.

In Jesus name, I say I love you and I need you, I’m all dependent on you my Lord, my God. Amen.

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