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Panthi, the hot winds before spring

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It has been very windy in the valley of Tlacotlapilco. We are closely surrounded with high hills so when the wind blows we can almost ‘see’ the waves. It’s also very dusty here that adds to the visualizations of the swirls of the winds.

The winds can be so overwhelming sometimes that you feel you want to take cover. Dirt particles can get in your eyes and mouth. It’s very unpleasant.

In the Otomi culture this season is know as the “Panthi” meaning hot winds. It is said that before spring, winds come and help with the labor of pruning. The winds blow away the decayed leaves and help to spread new sprouts for flowers and fruits.

Hot winds blowing violently can be aggravating. Yet, these same winds help; they actually bless me providing pretty flowers and delicious fruits around me.

This was an amazing mental picture for me.

We really don’t know how God turns things around. We see the swirls in our life, we feel the push against our own desires. I mean, I want to do good. We desperately try but sometimes fail. Yet, God so wonderfully uses those whirlwinds to make us better. He prunes. He blows away the decayed leaves. He helps us bring forth fruit, yes that we may have it abundantly!

What hot winds have blown your way?

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